Marino Baldissera

Composer, musician & choir director

Welcome to my page on MUSICANEO.
I am an Italian composer, music teacher and choir director. My music production ranges between research more experimental and decidedly more tonal areas.
In my catalog, there are compositions for chamber music, orchestra, electroacoustic music and choir.

  • Igralese
  • Male choir — Arr. Baldissera M.
  • 1.50 USD
  • Shorts
  • Piano, Horn, Trumpet, Violin, Viola, …
  • Free
  • Sorgi
  • Male choir
  • Free
  • Sorgi
  • Mixed choir
  • Free
  • Capo Nord
  • Piano, Accordion, Flute, Clarinet, …
  • Free
  • Finite infinity
  • Piano, Flute, Flute piccolo, …
  • 3.00 USD
  • Credo
  • Mixed choir
  • Free
  • E-variante
  • Clarinet, Viola, Harp, Classical …
  • Free

Coro Cortina - Montanara Choir

24.10.2011 News

This is my choir CORO CORTINA from Cortina d'Ampezzo (Italy), known also with the name of Montanara Chor expecially in Austria and Germany. In our web site:   you can have a look on our activity and discover our next concerts.

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